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Options Trading Strategies You Can Use During a Highly Volatile Market

Jill Malandrino and Bob Lang - options trading webinar

Want to know the options trading strategies experts are using during a highly volatile market? Good news! Jill Malandrino of …

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Options Trading During Earnings Season

Earnings season is one of the best times for options trading.  I know that may go against the conventional wisdom, …

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Why I Don’t Fear Trading In Front of Earnings

One of the fears about trading options is being hit by an event and the stock moving against you.  A …

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Quicktime Chat with Bob and Jill Malandrino – 05/08/13

Bob talked today about markets and where we may be headed.  He charted and talked about recent plays WFM, MNST …

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LISTEN and REACT to the Market Messages

If there are no ups and downs in your life, it means you’re dead (anonymous) ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS pay attention …

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Time to Get Moving! It’s Earnings Season

There is a good feeling in the air as it relates to markets, and it’s not just the indices.  Sure, …

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Cheap Doesn’t ALWAYS Mean Buy

Many of us believe that when stocks fall that is our cue to start buying.  If you’re aware, observant and …

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Why Telling the Market What to Do (or SHOULD Do) is a Bad Idea

I prefer to let the market do its thing and tell me how to proceed.  Making wild guesses and speculating …

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Why Are We Picking on the Russell 2K? AAPL IBM CAT IWM

Not much love these days in commentary and chart analysis for the small cap index.  I can understand the concern …

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Spring is Nearly Here – How to Approach It

Who likes this market?  Raise your hand.  Hmmm…looking around, not seeing many hands raised. Ok, that makes sense. Since the …

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