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Advanced trading strategies: Trading is a mental game

You’re familiar with puts and spreads, and may have even started apply straddles and strangle strategies in your trading career. As you know, there are a number of advanced trading strategies that allow you to ladder trades, and create complex multi-legged trades while managing your risk.

Since even the most experienced trader can lose control of a trade or get stuck in a funk. Our advanced trading strategies help you learn to master the mental game of trading.

bob lang - options trader

Bob Lang is an options trader who has been called the industry’s leading technical expert. This speaks to his deep knowledge of chart movement patterns, and ability to use indicators to anticipate the movement of the market.

While no one can guarantee success, Bob’s trading advice is based on analysis of market movement, not simply noise.

Whether you have been trading options for months or years, you will find resources to reinforce your knowledge of the fundamentals and open up your mind to new ideas.

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30 day trading challenge

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Know Your Options

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Chart of the Week

Every week, Bob dives into the chart of a stock, ETF or index that looks promising and analyzes his findings

Yes, You Do Have Options Trading ebook

Yes You Do Have Options

Learn 12 strategies to ensure you don’t lose control over the decision-making process

Explosive Options Spread Trader

What is Spread Trading?

The goal of is to take advantage of time decay to capture premium on potentially expiring options.


Options Trading Webinar

Join Bob Lang for his a free options trading webinar during which he’ll discuss recent market action, current plays and charts of interest.