Trifecta Stocks

Trifecta Stocks: Bob Lang and Chris Versace

As part of TheStreet’s Trifecta stock-picking team, Bob Lang brings his deep technical expertise to help choose the handful of stocks that are truly “buys.”


Bob works alongside Chris Versace, an equity analyst known for his painstaking fundamental analysis.

All members of Trifecta Stocks receive:

Trifecta Stocks Trade Alerts

Any time a new stock is rated a buy, or a current Trifecta stock prompts a sell, you get an email.

Valuable Bonus Reports
Valuable Bonus Reports

You’ll get The Trifecta Guide to Fundamental Investing, The Trifecta Guide to Technical Analysis and Quant Ratings Revealed.

24/7 Portfolio Access
24/7 Portfolio Access

You can review the complete portfolio, reference previous alerts, and ask questions of Bob and Chris.

Quant Ratings
Quant Ratings

You’ll also have total access to all the money-making and loss-preventing features of Quant Ratings.

options trading webinar

Options Trading Webinar

Join Bob Lang when he hosts a lively, strategy- and education-filled webinar that is designed to boost your options trading game.

options trading ebooks

Options Trading eBooks

Take your options trading game to the next level with our free ebooks, which cover proven options trading strategies, tips, and tricks.

Chart of the week

Chart of the Week

Every week, Bob dives into the chart of a stock, ETF or index that looks promising and analyzes his findings

options trading book

Know Your Options

Bob Lang's book is an Amazon Bestseller