Explosive Options Training Course

How to Make Money Trading Options

Learn how to successfully trade options during this hands-on, six-week program

Don’t leave your options trading to chance. Take advantage of expert guidance to ensure you know how to make money trading options – in any market condition, bull or bear

Bob Lang, one of the industry’s top technical traders, created this six-week options trading course for beginning traders. Each week will be packed with options trading strategies that you’ll apply through paper trades. We’ll track their progress and analysis performance to help you apply the lessons and learn from your successes and failures.

Every session is live, includes plenty of time for Q&A and is recorded and available for reference.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this options trading course:

  • Session 1: Options trading basics

    We’ll cover important foundational concepts that every trader must learn, including calls and puts, strikes, expiration, time decay and intrinsic value.

  • Session 2: How to manage trades and your mindset

    Options trading is about skill as much as psychology. We’ll discuss strategies you can use to determine when to buying and selling, as well as how to manage risk.

  • Session 3: How to read charts and technicals

    Learning how to read charts and technical indicators are key to trading. We will cover candles, indicators, classic chart patterns, moving averages, Fibonacci trading and clouds to make sure you have a full toolbox to make money trading options.

  • Session 4: Option flow and the Greeks

    This week, we move on to more indicators, including how to read option flow and use the “Greeks” to guide your trading.

  • Session 5: Options trading strategies

    Using plenty of examples, you will learn how to place trading using vertical spreads and calendar spreads. We will also continue our discussion of common terms and concepts all options traders use.

  • Session 6: Putting it all together

    During our final session, we will analyze your trade ideas using criteria we learned in prior classes. You will also learn how to structure your trading day and the strategies that help you continually improve as an options trader.

Each session is limited to 10 people, so if you want to learn how to make money trading options, don’t wait!


Remember, there are no shortcuts to becoming a successful options trader. Like any profession, it takes time and practice, but you CAN learn how to make money trading options.

Cost: $999 per person

Our next six-week session is currently full. You can get on the waitlist and be the first in line to reserve your spot for the September session.