Bob Lang’s options trading webinars are education-filled sessions designed to boost your trading game.

Bob Lang's Options Trading Webinar Theory: Listen, Think, React

Join Bob Lang for his weekly options trading webinar during which he’ll discuss recent market action, current plays and charts of interest, and the trends that may affect future action. During the free one-hour webinar, you will learn how to trade options with:

    • Insight into recent market action and a preview of where we might be headed – in real-time
    • Periodic looks at volatility, correlation, global markets and trends
    • Review of recent trades and potential new trade ideas
    • Overview of different tools, techniques or skills useful to mastering options trading
    • Lightning round chart analysis as viewers fire names at Bob for his quick take
    • Frequent special guests who discuss their unique spin on markets or trading
    • Lively audience Q&A

November 21 Options Trading Webinar with special guest Mark Mahaney

Special time: Noon EST / 9 AM PST

Mark has been covering Internet stocks since 1998, and it is fair to say that he knows his stuff. He has been ranked No. 1 in the Institutional Investor Poll for the Internet sector (2008-2012); No. 1 in the Greenwich Institutional Investor Poll for the Internet sector, and No. 1 as an earnings estimator and stock picker in the Internet retail segment by the Financial Times and StarMine.

Mark is currently a Managing Director at RBC Capital Markets, and he has worked on both the sell and buy sides at the American Technology Research, Morgan Stanley, and Citibank. Prior to Wall Street, Mark worked in management consulting with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and with the US Department of State, the US Senate, and the Office of the US Trade Representative.

November 30 Options Trading Webinar: The Art of Selling

As a trader or investor, deciding to sell can be one of the toughest decisions to make. Is this the right time? How much more will I make (or lose) if I hold on? We’ll discuss numerous strategies you can use to master the art of selling.

December 7: Options Trading Webinar with special guest Marc Chaikin

Marc Chaikin - Options trading webinar guestMarc created Chaikin Analytics to put the power of proven stock research tools and revolutionary analytics in the hands of professional and individual investors and traders. A Wall Street trader, stock broker analyst, and options trader for more than 40 years, he also created the Chaikin Power Gauge in 2009, a proven 20-factor stock rating model that uniquely combines fundamental and technical factors, and the Chaikin Money Flow, both or which are industry standards and found on most trading platforms worldwide. Marc is a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business News.

December 14 Options Trading Webinar: Trading Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is typically strong for the markets, but there are some complicating factors. With shorter trading weeks and numerous traders on vacation, we will discuss some trading tips that can help you close out the year on a high note.