Bob Lang’s International Bestselling Book Has Been Updated!

2nd Edition

Whether you are a beginning, intermediate, or advanced trader, the second edition of Know Your Options contains everything you need to know about how to successfully trade options using technical analysis.

Become a more successful trader today with
Know Your Options, 2nd Edition!

Written by Bob Lang and his editor, Monika Jansen, the second edition of Know Your Options contains 27 new charts, three new case studies, and two new chapters. You will learn:

  • Six ways to ensure you’re prepared for whatever the stock market throws at you
  • Strategies to help you manage your emotions so you can stay in the game long-term
  • Detailed explanations of how to read charts and find technical patterns
  • Three risk management strategies you must follow to be successful
  • How to trade a bear market
  • The role the Federal Reserve plays in the markets
  • A deep-dive into the 10 most important indicators that will guide your trading – and how to use them
  • 36 charts that illustrate strategies and concepts
  • 5 stories from some of the top technical traders in the US
  • A thorough explanation of “the Greeks”
  • An updated reading list of blogs and other online media publications for continuing education
  • 5 case studies (with charts)
  • A glossary of options trading terms
  • And much more!

If you want to be successful at trading options for income over the long-term, this is the book for you.

Buy it today – and start fulfilling your stock market dreams tomorrow.