Spread Trading

Ever wonder how big market players can sit back and watch the money roll in?

Now you can get in on their secret.

EO Spread Trader opens up the world of high probability, low risk spread trading to anyone* interested in consistent returns.

We closed out 2023 with a spectacular gain of nearly 20% in real dollars! The keys to our success include adjusting just our strategy to align with current market conditions and optimizing risk vs profit.

Tap into our experience using solid technical analysis to find successful trades in a variety of market conditions.

As a member, you get:

  • Access to deep market knowledge and technical analysis
  • Algorithm-focused back testing of spread trades
  • Trades designed to minimize market exposure (risk) and maximize returns
  • Trades updates/adjustments as required
  • The opportunity to “ladder” trades to produce steady income

NEW: Spread Trader Chat Room

Got questions about a recent spread trade or an idea for one? Want to learn more about spread trading and Sam’s strategy in general?

Our Spread Trader Chat Room is the place to be! All members of Spread Trader have access to this Slack channel so you can learn while you earn.

Since we launched Spread Trader in 2016, our average win rate has been 70.30%

But it gets better:


average return on risk


average annual
rate of return


Index trade
hit winners

Ready to get started?


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Spread Trader members are using the power of this high-probability, low-risk trading strategy to earn consistent income each month.

The results (updated in real-time) speak for themselves!

Not familiar with spread trading?

*We suggest that all subscribers have a capital base of at least $25,000-30,000 to maximize returns.

**As of January 2022

***SMS text alerts are an additional $10 per month.