Options Trading Service

EO Spread Trader

Did you ever wonder how big market players can sit back and watch the money roll in?

Now you can get in on their secret. Our Spread Trader service opens up the world of high probability, low risk spread trading to anyone* interested in consistent returns.

Of course, trading is not a game of perfect. But with rock solid, long term performance on your side, the odds are in your favor (after all, roughly 80% of all options expire worthless).

Tap into a lucrative part of the options market!

As a member, you get:

  • Five to six trade ideas per month delivered via email and/or SMS text***
  • Trade ideas (both call and put spreads) that are handpicked to minimize market exposure and maximize returns
  • Trade updates when necessary
  • The opportunity to “ladder” trades to produce steady income
  • Access to deep market knowledge and technical analysis

During 2021, the Spread Trader portfolio gained 23.55% in REAL dollars*!

If we look at life to date, the portfolio averages an annual return of 19.32%.

But it gets better:

  • 73% win rate
  • Average monthly return of 1.74%
  • Index trades hit winners 75% of the time

Spread Trader members are using the power of this high-probability, low-risk trading strategy to earn consistent income each month. The results (updated in real-time) speak for themselves!

Not familiar with spread trading?


*We suggest that all subscribers have a capital base of at least $25,000-30,000 to maximize returns.

**As of May 2020

***SMS text alerts are an additional $10 per month.