If your membership includes the chat room, you have the option to consolidate your login for the Chat Room on Slack and your main account on the Explosive Options website.

If you are new to the chat room, you’ll  need to start by accepting the invitation to the Pro Room. This email will come from Slack and should arrive within one business day after you have created your Explosive Options Account

You will have three options on how to join Slack:

  1. Use your Google account to login – this will work on both Slack and the Explosive Options website} 
  2. Use your Apple account to login 
  3. Create a new login with an email address and password, which you’ll also be able to use with the Explosive Options website

To create a unique Slack Login, click on the third option, Continue with Email.

You’ll be prompted to add your name and create a password for your Slack account.

Once your account is created, you should see the following welcome message.

Click the button that says Let’s Do This.

Setting Up Your Slack Account

Next up you will see an option to customize your workspace with people you work with. This is simply giving you the option to easily send private messages to people in the chat room. 

We recommend adding Bob (aztecs99) by checking the box on his profile, and then clicking the button to Add 1 Teammate. 

The next screen you’ll see is the main chat room, which is in the stream #EOCHAT.

There are several other streams with sub-topics you are welcome to explore, but most of the action takes place in the main #EOCHAT.

If working in Slack is new to you, we recommend exploring this resource for an overview of how to use the system. 

Our chat community is extremely welcoming and friendly, so please take a moment to introduce yourself to the group, and feel free to ask any questions you have.


Log into Explosive Options with Your Slack Account.

Once your profile has been created in Slack, you have the opportunity to utilize the same login for your account on ExplosiveOptions.net.

Visit the website to sign into your account

Click the button that says Login with Slack.