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Long and Short-Term Options Trading Strategies

Many of us traders are trained to look for tops and bottoms and game the markets accordingly. Though it makes sense on the surface, these are not smart options trading strategies. Playing “tops and bottoms” is generally a loser’s game (more on this below); following through after seeing a top or bottom take place can be the most lucrative profit …

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SPY-ing a Pattern in an ETF

Today I’d like to take a look at the S&P 500 ETF (SPY) chart to see if I can glean …

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Options Trading Whiz Mike Khouw Shares His Top Strategies

Bob Lang and Mike Khouw

Before bringing my guest Mike Khouw into the conversation during today’s webinar, I talked about the recent volatile action. Yes, …

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Rate Hikes Are Coming, But When?

Following last week’s Fed meeting, we are now being bombarded with guessing around when the first of several rate hikes …

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Pfizer Looks to Inject Some Profits into its Stock

Pfizer (PFE) is one of the biggest pharmaceutical names in the world, boasting a market cap of more than $214 …

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Taking the Temperature of the Market With the Volatility Index, Part 1

Random movements in the stock market are very tough to explain, but once we understand the role that sentiment plays, …

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Options Trading Strategies: Insurance is Cheap – Why Not Buy Some?

Buying insurance is one of those “necessary evils” that we all dread shelling out for but are super thankful we …

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Options Trading Opportunities Exist – If You Know Where to Look

options trading opportunities

March has been a rough month for traders and investors, so during today’s webinar, I talked about the very different …

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Avago Technologies is THE Semiconductor Company to Watch

One group that has been struggling lately is the semiconductor sector. Led by Intel, this group has often led bull …

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All Eyes on the Federal Reserve this Week

A big week is upon us as the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee meets for their second two-day session. In …

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Global Stock Market Analysis: How Many Top Calls Are Left?

It has to be frustrating to be a bear in this market. Just when it seems that the market has …

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