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Crypto Trading Chat Room

crypto trading chat room

Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile instruments.

If you want to dive into it with the guidance of those who are knowledgeable about market trends, technical analysis, and risk management, our crypto trading chat room is for you!

As a member of the crypto trading chat room, you get:

  • The latest news and data on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies
  • Technical chart analysis from crypto experts
  • The ability to ask and answer questions – from basic to advanced – in a supportive community
  • Updates on language, terminology and changes within crypto
  • Insights and trade ideas from experts and your fellow traders
  • Webinars and live sessions with experts with strong knowledge that actually TRADE in the vast world of crypto

How it works

Just like our options trading chat room, the crypto chat room runs on a dedicated channel in Slack.

It’s moderated by two phenomenal crypto traders, Brian and TJ.

Brian Bagnuolo | Explosive options crypto trader

Brian Bagnuolo followed financial markets for 24 years until he began crypto trading in 2020.

After getting comfortable trading big names like Bitcoin and Etherium, he discovered Solana, a new chain that delivered his biggest return to date.

He loves the technical nature of crypto and works hard to avoid the 80% of chains that go nowhere.

TJ Nelson started trading crypto at the beginning of the pandemic when his acting career was put on hold for a few months.

His top trade was a MANA play he sold for a 500% gain, and in 2023, his portfolio was up a solid 43%.

He loves crypto trading for many reasons and believes it provides young people a fantastic opportunity to grow their wealth.

TJ Nelson | Explosive options crypto trader

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