Explosive Options Testimonials

  • All in all, I am up $5,379 in 4 weeks with you, not bad on a maximum outlay of $13,691 (39.3% in 1 month.)

    -Kevin B

  • I was holding out for the $2.75 price, but you sent out the tweet about not quibbling over dimes when we were focusing on dollars, so I reset my limit to $2.95 and caught a bid. Total profit over $26K in one trade! Thanks Bob!

    – Ed U.

  • I’ll admit, I’ve been a bit “gun shy” since the downturn in the markets over the past few weeks and have passed on some of the riskier earnings plays. But I did get into ONXX [and] if that goes through, that will definitely be the trade of my life, in percentage terms! Super call!

    – Kareem W.

  • More than making money, being a member of Total Access creates trust, unwavering faith in technical analysis and establishes great relationships. 

    – V.S.

  • Total Access is a great resource for active option traders. Bob’s service offers directional long and call trades and spread trades. In the chat room, traders share their ideas, and Bob shares trades he is making in real time. Importantly, he is level-headed when volatility hits the market, and he keeps traders focused on making money whatever the market direction.

    – J.H.

  • The Explosive Options chat room is a must visit each day!


  • I have been trading with Explosive Options for over a year. I have worked with three other trading services in the past, but this is the first service with which I have been able to grow my portfolio. Options trading is a challenging business, but with Bob Lang’s coaching and tactics, it can be mastered. The chat room is very educational and has many great traders who help novices. I highly recommend Explosive Options if you are serious about becoming a successful options trader.

    – Glenn

  • Since joining the chat room, I have learned to be more patient with my trades and am beginning to scratch the surface on things to look for. The thing I would personally say is most exciting is the confidence I have gained. I have confidence to take risks and employ new strategies that I was either unaware of or did not know how to properly execute. Thank you for everything!


  • It would be a kiss of death to start talking about the successes, but let’s say this has been a nice first two weeks in the chat room. This room has helped me pull the trigger on some plays that I would normally look at, think about and then do nothing and watch go higher. Thank you!


  • I normally do not comment in your chat room, but I listen. I owe everyone dinner at Ruth’s Chris. My BABA 115 and NVDA 140 calls just sold for $354,000 profit. Not bad for a retired Western Digital Engineer. Thanks all!


  • One year ago today (6/7/16), I took the remaining $54K of retirement under my control and set a goal of making $1k a week using spreads. One year results (includes fees/commissions): Account value up 84.2% with 247 completed trades.


  • As of 1 June, 2017, I have achieved a 100% ytd return in my options trading account. Using what I have learned from you and from others in the chat room and tailoring it to my own style, criteria and risk I have been able to double my account in five months. This has been done without any flashy or “risky” trades. I made more conservative trades, and as you are always preaching, taking profits and limiting losses and properly sizing my trades.

    Thank you for providing the environment and opportunity for myself and others to learn and grow as traders.


  • Today marks two months that I’ve been trading. I wanted you to know that through my participation in the chat room and Spread Trader service, I’ve made 12.3% gross / 11.7% net. Thank you for showing me that “I always have options!” Can’t wait until the near future when I’m able to do this full time.


  • Another fantastic week thanks to you and the chat room. My profits are incredible year to date!


  • Just wanted to let you know that with four weeks of chat room in the bag, I am quite pleased.

    I have learned so much just by paying attention and attending webinars. I have always had so many questions and watching you talk through the charts during the webinars has answered a lot. I can’t wait for day when I can spend all day watching the chat room.

    With me, you have a lifetime member. My performance has never been so consistently well as it has been the past four weeks.


  • I decided to try the EO chat service, and in this first week (I cannot follow all day since I do have a full-time engineering job), I was still able to EASILY pay for my subscription and have setup trades that I am planning on being winners over the longer term! Thanks Bob, Suz, and Dave! I have not had so much fun in a long time and looking forward to a fun and profitable year.

    – Kevin B.

  • Since I started with your service, I have made a $6,803 profit with a total position risk of $12,828 – that’s about a 53% return, annualized at 600%.

    – Mike

  • @aztecs99 is good. I subscribed to his explosiveoptions and made 20% on day one.


  • This week paid for my yearly subscription. Thank you!


  • Bob, you amaze me with your vision on these markets! Just an amazing investment in my future joining your team.


  • I just reviewed my trades to date and I’m up over $40K in less than 3 weeks since joining your chat room. Thank you!


  • The trades I can execute this week will pay for my chat subscription for the next 10 years – pretty cool. I am kicked! Thanks Bob – I am fortunate to be part of this group led by talented traders of your caliber.


  • While gone on vacation, I asked Bob for help on several positions via email … and he promptly answered. Yes it’s a business, but successful small businesses go out of their way to treat their client family according to The Golden Rule. Remember geometry – the Golden Rule is not a theorem, it’s a proof! Bob Lang’s service is a proof! Today Mr. Market will give me the privilege of benefiting from Bob’s desire to help while I was basically out of commission.

    – Jim

  • Profit enough today to pay for the chat room for two years. Not bad for my first day here.


  • I watched your “How to trade fat tails” webinar, and I was blown away. It was a key that opened a very wide door. You also talked about flow, and I now understand how you guys put that information out there for the people using the chat room. Thank you so much for the help.

    – William

  • This was my first week with you and it sure did pay off. My total return was 131.78%, not bad for 3 days, and this trade covers me for the entire year’s worth of subscription to your service and then some.

    – Dave M.

  • Thank you for being a vital part of my retirement.

    – John

  • A Mercedes Benz has been my luxury dream car for as long as I can remember, and I finally achieved my goal of owning one. On July 5, 2014, I bought my first Mercedes. So how did I achieve my goal? I have been an options trader for more than 7 years, and finally 2 years ago I found Bob Lang and his fantastic team – I call them The X Team.

    Explosive Options is not just any other chat room where people post trades and don’t explain what they are doing and why. I love the Explosive Options Chat Room, as I get to learn so much, and with all the experts around no one ever hesitates to answer even the most basic of questions. I definitely give credit to Bob, Dave and Suz for helping me realize my dream of owning a Mercedes.

    – Ketan

  • It all started with Twitter four years ago. I latched on to Bob Lang and started to follow his option trading ideas. There was just one problem: I needed an options trading coach. I subscribed to Explosive Options, and I am thrilled to say that Bob’s fantastic mentoring changed my life!

    That’s right, I started to make money on the very first trade, and I ended up purchasing a one year subscription. I was unemployed at the time and using my IRA to pay the rent until I could get back into the work force. Bob’s amazing patience, stellar trades, and famous “Off the Charts” segments on Mad Money kept me in this game. I owe him big time for all the guidance he gave me.

    Now I’m back to work and back to even. I will be forever grateful for this service. (PS – The chat room is off the hook!

    – Steve D.

  • Bob, just want to say thanks. My account is bumping up at +100% for 2013. I have learned a lot and see the value of what you put out.

    -Darryl B.

  • Who needs financial aid? I’m closing in on year 1 tuition for my kid thanks to my man Bob Lang’s technical calls!

    – J.S.

  • Since I started with your service, I have made a $6,803 profit with a total position risk of $12,828 – that’s about a 53% return, annualized at 600%.

    – Mike

  • Since I started with your service, I have made a $6,803 profit with a total position risk of $12,828 – that’s about a 53% return, annualized at 600%.

    – Mike

  • You made me a lot of money, wow, $130,000 my friend. Thank you very much.

    – Jason B.

  • The active trader has to be prepared to deal, soberly, with both wins and losses. While everyone would agree that winning is better, losing is a part of life…. Be comforted knowing that when you have a gifted financial analyst like Bob Lang in your corner, the long-term odds are probably on your side.

    – Mark O.

  • Bob, I did get this one, in at 2.81 out at 46.07. Started subscription in May so this made my year for sure! Thanks.

    – Lenny B.

  • Since you recommended getting in the JOYG July 85′s (instead of the 90′s), I am now up 180%…. At the end of the day, it looks like 11 or 12 of the 15 recommendations are going to be winners and most of those will be BIG winners. Good work, and let’s keep the momentum going!

    – Tyson B.

  • I did buy 1 Onxx option on 6/5 (a little too early) at $5 and sold it today at $41.50. I am so grateful! I think it only right that I follow up with a yearly subscription.

    – Yoli

  • Just wanted to thank you for all the knowledge you share, not just via your service but also on Real Money, Twitter and through the webinars. I know these things take a lot of your time and energy to put together, and I appreciate it.

    – TC

  • [Today’s] webinar provided color to these trades and helped me understand where you’re coming from based on your thesis. One more thing…I liked the format: quick and to the point. I look forward to more of these before and after the bell.

    – Brian S.