EO Spread Trader - Explosive Options Trading Service

Tap into a lucrative part of the options market!

Did you ever wonder how big market players can just sit back and watch the money roll in?

Are you eager to participate in a lucrative part of the market?

Now you can! The Explosive Options Spread Trader service opens up the world of high probability, low risk spread trading to anyone* interested in consistent returns.

Of course, trading is not a game of perfect. But with rock solid, long term performance on your side, the odds are in your favor (after all, roughly 80% of all options expire worthless). You can find an in-depth look at how credit spread trading works here.

What You Get:

  • Five to six trade ideas per month delivered via email and/or SMS text
  • Trade ideas that are handpicked to minimize market exposure and maximize returns (trade ideas include both call and put spreads)
  • Trade monitoring; trade updates will be sent when necessary
  • The opportunity to “ladder” trades to produce steady income
  • Access to deep market knowledge and technical analysis

Since October 2016, the Spread Trader portfolio has increased more than 45%.

But it gets better:

  • 85% win rate
  • Average return has been 4.5% a month
  • Return on risk is well over 100%
  • Index trades hit winners 88% of the time
  • We have not had one down month since inception**

*We suggest that all subscribers have a capital base of at least $25,000-30,000 to maximize returns.

** As of September 2017

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