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Explosive Options Newest Service

Our new Explosive Options Charting Service will teach you how to analyze and interpret charts so you can make better, more successful trades with more confidence.

This is your opportunity to tap into the skills Bob Lang has painstakingly developed over the years – the same skills that Jim Cramer has relied on at Mad Money since 2012. By studying various techniques and combining different indicators, Bob has developed a method for finding the highest probability trends based on facts.

Take your technical analysis skills to new heights

As a Charting member, you get:

  • Timely chart analysis
  • Insight into why prices move the way they do
  • Review of indices and older charts
  • In-depth discussions of indicators and their relevance
  • Periodic chart analysis videos
  • And more!

At the end of the day, you will learn how to determine where price is going, how far and at what rate of speed – all of which are key to successfully trading options.

Become a stronger technical analyst and charting expert – join us today!