Options Trading

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What is options trading?

Options are an asset class, just like stocks, ETFs or bonds, which fall under the umbrella of derivatives. This means their value depends on the price of some other asset, such as a stock.

Trading options can enhance your investment portfolio as they can add income, protection and even leverage. However, be aware that when you trade options, you take on a certain amount of risk.

While options trading can give you a real advantage in the market, to be successful you must be aware of the fundamental trade strategies and indicators

bob lang - options trader

Bob Lang is an options trader who has been called the industry’s leading technical expert. This speaks to his deep knowledge of chart movement patterns, and ability to use indicators to anticipate the movement of the market.

While no one can guarantee success, Bob’s trading advice is based on analysis of market movement, not simply noise.

Whether you are brand new to options trading, or still learning the fundamentals, you’ll find a resource than can help you trade more confidently

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